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Frequently Asked Questions


Is my car covered by insurance?

The Federal Government requires all carriers be licensed and insured. Acme Car Shipping verifies that each and every carrier that we are associated with has the proper cargo coverage and the correct licenses. If at any time you would like to see a copy of the carrier’s insurance, feel free to contact us or the carrier.

Your move includes NADA replacement value coverage with zero deductible. This is protection against things within the driver’s control or caused by our equipment.

Items not covered by this protection but usually covered under your regular automobile insurance are acts of God (hail, fire, flooding, etc.) and things outside of the driver's control such as road hazard (pebble chips, etc.) modified items, and items that come loose due to wind.

How long does it take?

Once we receive your order, we go to work to dispatch your vehicle to a truck. Our goal is to have your vehicle delivered in 10 to 14 days. Some more remote areas may take a little longer, and some more readily accessible may take less time. Once the vehicle has been assigned to a truck, you will be given an estimated time of arrival.    

Our delivery times are estimated as close as possible, but no transport company can guarantee specific arrival or departure times. Weather, road conditions, and equipment malfunctions are impossible to predict. However, we will make every effort to deliver your vehicle to you on schedule.

Must I be available for pick up and/or delivery?

You do not have to be there personally. You can assign a third party to release or accept the vehicle for you. It is important that someone be there to approve the condition report at pick up and to inspect the car and sign the bill of lading to verify that the car was received in good condition at delivery.  

If it better suits your schedule, we may be able pick up and/or deliver at your place of work depending upon space available for the car carrier.

Will my car be delivered to my front door?

Whenever possible, the driver will pick up and deliver to your door. There are times when that is not possible. 

In some cases local laws prohibit large trucks in residential neighborhoods. 

Low hanging trees, apartment complexes,  or streets where the driver cannot get turned around may also prevent the driver from getting to the residence.  

In those cases the driver will ask you to meet close by at a safe area such as a school, business, or Church parking lot.

What can I leave in my car?

Normal car items like documents, music, emergency kits, etc. can stay right where they are. Car seats can be left in the vehicle if they are properly secured.  Car carriers are not licensed to transport household goods and personal items - this means anything placed in the car could be confiscated at a DOT checkpoint.

How much gas should my car have?

In a perfect world, the car would have less than a ¼ tank when we pick it up. This is for weight reasons. With 8-10 cars on a trailer, excess fuel can add weight in a hurry.  Your car will only be driven on and off the truck for loading, unloading and weight distribution purposes so it will not need to have much gasoline.